VAT Number Checker

A powerful solution for ensuring the accuracy and validity of customer and supplier VAT numbers stored within your accounting software. This feature goes beyond simple validation by providing a certification process that verifies the live status of VAT numbers.

Real-time Validation

Users are promptly notified whenever a VAT number stored in their system is no longer considered valid by the VIES database. This real-time notification ensures that businesses can take immediate action, such as updating customer or supplier records, to maintain compliance and prevent potential issues in invoicing and financial reporting.

Software Integration

By combining certification with real-time notifications, generate.TAX empowers businesses to uphold high standards of compliance, transparency, and data integrity in their financial operations. 


This feature proactively helps businesses stay ahead of compliance requirements and reduces the risk of using outdated or incorrect VAT information. It also strengthens overall VAT compliance measures, contributing to smoother and more reliable intra-EU transactions for businesses of all sizes.


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